Dear Friends and Family—

So we've been doing these e-cards for many years now and decided you deserved better. A card received in the mail? An email sent before the New Year? Nope.

This year, it's a video e-card! Woo! So get out the kettle popcorn, turn up the volume (or put on headphones) and enjoy 2007 from our point of view.

Of course, if that's a little too fandangly for you, or if you are prone to vertigo, epilepsy, or impatience, you might want to skip the video and read the updates below.

Alison: (age 5 ½) started kindergarten and loves it, especially with the daily bus ride, courtesy of Ernie, her bus driver (seriously). She wakes up WAY too early every morning because she is so excited to go to school. Wendi misses her in the day, while Abe's just happy to have a few hours respite until she comes home and tries out her patented scissor leg squeeze on him.

Apart from their sibling death matches, Ali is always so happy and so sweet, or maybe we've just succumbed to her frequent comments, "Mom is such a nice mommy," and "Daddy is so handsome."

Abraham: (age 2 years 4 months) is so fun and observant. We have to watch what we say around him, as he is apt to repeat it in less appropriate circumstances. Abe also loves food—spinach, salmon, asparagus, sushi, hot salsa—name it, he eats it. Don't worry, he's still all-american and loves his mac and cheese. (Notice the shovel instead of fork in the slide show. A shovel, sadly, is a totally appropriate eating utensil for this boy.)

Abe also loves cell phones and has ingenious ways to get them from us. One time, in an attempt to get his coveted toy, Wendi asked him "why?" His response, given in all seriousness (with a smirk)? "To call Jesus." Nice try buddy.

Adam and Wendi: (thirty-somethings) Happy, still in love, grateful for our blessings and our children. Working, playing, living and wishing you all happy holidays and ALL the best for the new year.


Adam, Wendi, Ali and Abe

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