The Return of the King preview is now out.


I’m as happy as a little girl.

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“Jesus Jones? THE Jesus Jones?” Holy Crap!

The Guardian has an editorial from Mike Edwards, the not-former lead singer of Jesus Jones (of “Right Here, Right Now” fame). I say “not-former” because it turns out they are still around and still touring; the article is about the travails of being a band for corporate gigs.

Like other teens, when I was younger I formed a notion about the purity of art versus payment for art (this correlates inversely with the number of 15-year-olds paying mortgages) that made it an Offence In Rock to accept an honest month’s pay for an honest three minutes’ work.

It’s well-written and intelligent and fairly self-deprecating, the kind of thing that makes me root for someone and hope the absolute best for them.

Funny thing is, I was this close to seeing them in concert when I was in high school. My girlfriend had bought tickets and was going to take me (I think they were playing on my birthday), but she was in a car accident, the car was totalled, and the tickets that were in the glove box were stolen. Turns out later, they weren’t actually stolen; one of the police officers who reported at the scene thoughtfully cleared out the vehicle and gave it to her stepfather, who was a cop as well. He never bothered to give the bag of remainders to her until a few weeks later. We broke up too.

On a whim, I just looked up their band site jesusjones.com, and it’s fairly witty. You go Jesus Jones!

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Music for a Monday

Got Kung-Tunes up and running on the site over the weekend. Don’t know why I think it is so freakin’ cool to have people know what I’m listening to, particularly when it’s a guilty pleasure like this one

In honor of cool technology that may or may not change the world, check out www.napsterbits.com/. This is a promo site for Napster 2.0, which should be debuting sometime this fall. Don’t know if I’ll care for the actual product but the site has some pretty sweet flash animations of the Napster kitty busting out of music purgatory, getting shot, and then coming back to life. More episodes are forthcoming. I can dig it.

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Saw Daredevil last night. Ugh.

Finally got around to watching Daredevil, seeing as Wendi’s 10-year-old neice Morgan says it’s one of her favorite movies. Oh the future of America!

My biggest issue with the movie actually wasn’t Ben Affleck, although I dislike him now even more than I did before the movie. Nor was it the unremarkable special effects—the funky echolocation second sight was cancelled out the crappy, Spiderman-esque CGI. Even the script, such as it was, could be excused for being a shallow rip-off of Batman.

No, the thing that bugged me the most was the wildly uneven tone and pacing. It was as if there were four different movies being made, with separate editors and directors: there was the cartoony action movie with the slapdash seques, the tormented vigilante flick with the dark alleys and slow pans, the court procedural with the straight blocking, and the music video (self-explanatory). There was also the romantic comedy that ended up on the cutting room floor—how else to explain the thoroughly bizarre “we fought the other day, now let’s date” sequence of events?

At least it wasn’t Batman and Robin.

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