about me

And what’s an ideoverse?

Well, with all the indeterminate uses for the site that I hadn’t made yet, I knew I had to come up with a name that would encompass them all, my universe of ideas.  Being low-gifted, I simply joined “idea” and “universe” together, didn’t quite like “ideaverse,” decided “idioverse” was too close to “idiot-verse,” and settled on ideoverse.  By the way, it’s pronounced id-ee-o-verse, not i-dee-o-verse.

As I’ve thought further about it, I quite like how the two roots complement each other.

“Ideo” is from the Greek “eidon” which means to see or behold and can mean idea as well as form; while “verse” is from the Latin “vertere” meaning to turn and is the root for both a verse of poetry and the versus of opposition.

Together the two convey to me a conceptual space for my thoughts and ideas, however contradictory, ridiculous or profound they may be.

There is no relation to my feeble musings and IDEO the totally wicked sweet design company (I wish!)