Although I’ve used this site fairly heavily for behind-the-scenes staging of client work and some non-public endeavors, I’ve never made much a go of updating the blog on a regular basis. The primary reason for this lack of initiative is not really knowing what I want the end result to be, accompanied by a very clear recognition that whatever that is, it won’t be changing anyone’s life anytime soon.

I don’t say that out of self-pity–after all, there’s something not just a little bit egotistical and exhibitionist in broadcasting one’s words to the general public. However, it is precisely in the effort of publishing for the express purpose of being consumed by others that one can get a glimpse into the rationality of my ideas and opinions. Does what I think or feel withstand scrutiny? Or are there aspects and nuances that I am failing to capture?

In fact the rigor required in formally arguing a particular position or articulating a peculiar perspective can serve as a refining process even before feedback, in the same way a teacher may learn more about a subject than those being taught just by engaging in the preparation.

When I first decided to have a site of my own, I chose the name “ideoverse” to convey the concept of a “world of ideas”, a place where thoughts (well, my thoughts) could develop and grow.

With this relaunch of the site, I’d like to make good on that choice.

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