Give the gift of livestock

We were a little stumped this year in deciding what to give Wendi’s mom and her new husband for Christmas. They have no kids at home, their home itself is nicely furnished, and they were able to visit us a few months ago on their honeymoon. They frankly don’t really “need” anything.

So we (okay, Wendi, she’s the creative one) decided to give them a share of a sheep from Heifer International. What they do is use the money from donations to purchase anything from pigs to bees to goats (and of course cows) and then gives these animals to people throughout the world. This gift of livestock is designed to be self-sustaining, with the recipient managing the resource through milking, breeding, etc., thus providing long-term benefit to the receivers and their communities.

I’m not sure how they took it, but I guess we are pretty weird, so they may have just chalked it up to us crazy tree-hugging Vermonters (by way of Utah and Georgia).

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