Canon A60 and video

Okay, so the digital camera we have has the ability to record video, something a lot of digital cameras (and PDAs and cell phones and…) are able to do. But I’ve never really messed with it because of the less-than-stellar results of trying to use our DV video camera to take digital stills (poor color, grainy picture, and it takes 6 seconds to show the pic in the viewfinder). It’s always been my experience that any product with cross-functionality tends to be either mediocre in both or good in one and just plain horrible in the other (look at cell-phone cameras, fax-printer-copiers, and cross-trainer shoes).

So it was with great joy to use the Canon A60 to record Ali laughing. It was super easy; the camera records in .avi, I dumped it on the Mac using USB, and iMovie added the fades and export to Quicktime. And the results are pretty impressive. Judge for yourself: Quicktime, 2.3MB

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