I’ve been slammed at work lately and with me as the sole person on the ground, I’ve had to pull some crazy hours. Luckily some of the work has involved designing some agency websites, something I haven’t had a chance to do since I was first hired back in Utah.

Amazing what can happen in 2 1/2 years. Back then, it was all image preloaders, javascript actions, dynamic dropdowns, and tables for layout. This time around, I’ve been doing it lean, clean, and standards mean—XHTML and CSS. While it’s been difficult to get away from the crutch of tables and spacer images, the resulting code is much more easily updateable and the page is more accessible. Best of all, it’s tiny:

  old project new project #1 new project #2
html 8k 2k 6k
images 172k 48k 71k
js 30k 0k 0k
css 2k 8k 8k
total 212k 58k 85k

Those are file size reductions of 73 and 60 percent! Amazing.

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