DAVid & Goliath

Okay, so Goliath has moved from “apps I’m playing with” to “apps I can’t live without” status in record time.

Because we have WebDAV set up for me to upload files at work, I’ve been using Dreamweaver MX to move files. There haven’t been any issues with checking files in and out until a few weeks back when I had to send my work computer in for repairs (the iBook’s LCD was freaking out). While it was getting fixed, I was using my other computer (a Dell 8100) to work.

No problem there; I had Dreamweaver 4.0 on the PC and simply overrode the checkout permissions for all the files checked out (locked) when my iBook died. The problem arose after I got the iBook back. When I set up 4.0 to DAV into the work machine, I made my profile (email) the same as in MX and when I returned to MX, it still registered the old checkouts and didn’t allow me to check any files in. Oddly, 4.0 still allowed me to check files in and out (I think it has to do with the version control that MX has in it, not because of some problem with DAV). So I had to resort to using the Dell as I figured out a way to override the locking problem.

I knew that OS X had DAV support built in but I had never messed around with it until this situation. Found out that I didn’t need to use the terminal to use DAV; I could GUI in using “Connect to Server” (Cmd+K). I soon grew tired of that; I couldn’t see locked/unlocked status in the Finder, changing the status necessitated a “Get Info” move, and the whole connection, which dragged at times, caused the entire Finder to hang anytime I was connected (even worse when attempting to save a file locally from an application).

So I downloaded a few different DAV clients and tried Goliath. In a few clicks I was able to override all the locked files and reset their states so I could interface with the files in MX with ease. No need to return to the PC, I’m back to doing it all on the iBook again.

Thank you Goliath!

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