A Little Light Reading

We’re going out of town this Friday for a transcontinental trip (down to Atlanta for a friend’s wedding and some dental work, then out to Denver for a company conference and then on to Utah for a Johnson camping trip) so I thought I’d pose some good reading for you.

The topic: Public Choice Theory.
The short version: Public Choice Theory is basically the study of politics based on ecomonic principles. This is different from traditional political science in that most poly sci theories revolve around the way it should work in an ideal world, while Public Choice Theory describes how politics actually does work. (Technically, Public Choice isn’t just about politics, but hey, this is the short version).
The long version: A pretty thorough summary of Public Choice Theory can be found here
, with a shorter version here.

The gist: Politicians are motivated by self-interest before the interests of anyone else. This is bad because we don’t truly get how self-serving and self-perpetuating the current system of bureaucracy is, which only adds more taxation while providing less representation (sound familiar?).

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